Zine created for the Années 2010's jam. It explores the way 2010s' Internet shaped my feminist/political beliefs. To this end I investigated my old Tumblr and Twitter account, as well as my writing of the time.

Trigger warning: this zine discuss body image issues.

This zine was made with the Electric Zine Maker by alienmelon You can read it thanks to Jeremy Oduber's reader.

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AuthorEzra Tellington


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I love your question "did you find your Internet or did this Internet turned you into the person you are"

Will wait for your future zines!

I liked that question as well ! it's very relatable,

and I think that yes we grow all the time even when were not kids anymore, but maybe that when we're no longer kids we can choose to continue growing or stay in one place (but that's a horrible place to be)

Wow! This one is quite personal, I really liked reading through your thoughts and reflections! Super cool <3


Thanks! I felt quite vulnerable writing it, because I was afraid people would judge past or present me.