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This is a journaling/writing game/solo RPG where you play as a trans person looking for love (or sex, or a queerplatonic relationship if that is your wish). I wrote it for the Queer Games Bundle. It is my first journaling game (the first I finish, anyway).

The trans aspect is not that present in the prompts because, well... I didn't want to make it about transphobia, or act as if trans people have a radically different vision of love that cis people (some might, but probably not all); I still encourage you to keep that in mind in your writing. If you're cis, let's say it is about envisionning a different experience than yours; if you're trans, let's celebrate the beauty and joys in our love lives.

Trigger warnings: This zine mentions transphobia, illness, sex and drugs, and can invite you to elaborate on it. You're free to skip these aspects, though.

I also included an example, a page I've written while trying the game.

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AuthorEzra Tellington
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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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I got this through the Solo But Not Alone 4 Bundle,  and it is SO CUTE!!! I love it so much!!!

I've played it once so far, made a character with Between The Skies tables because I wasn't sure who I wanted to be, and I ended up making an adorable story between my main and my "Somebody" (who ended up having a 4 year old and some incredibly transphobic parents, lol) and I will definitely be replaying.

Deleted 49 days ago

Thank you very much for this moving comment, I'm happy it helped you!